The question that haunts me

We live in a society that has always been involved in one war or another. It can be triggered by anything from money to rocks to lines in the dirt to the color of your hands. Even religion, which is meant to bring peace to the human soul during their short time in this life, seems to inspire bloodshed.


But why? Why must we resort to this violent depravity?


Perhaps it is because we have yet to find peace with ourselves, condemning those we deem different so we may feel more normal, acceptable. Maybe it’s from frustration over the lack of answers to the universe’s greatest questions: who are we? What are we here? We are so determined to have our answer be the only correct answer that we seek to diminish anyone who disagrees.


The question that haunts me, however, is if God hadn’t made us all perfect then why did you make us at all? A question to think of if judgement ever clouds your mind, for it is judgement that darkens the heary and mutilates the soul into something less than human.

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