“Falling” into New Opportunities: What I’m Doing This Fall

I have always had a strange ability to “fall” into situations and opportunities.

In high school, I “fell” into becoming a copy editor when I thought was a going to a meeting for the creative writing class. It turned out to be a meeting for the yearbook staff. Then I “fell” into directing a one act short I had written when my teacher handed my script back to me and said “You direct it.”

The same thing happened to me as a script supervisor. I went in for an acting audition and left with my first on-set job as a script supervisor (probably one of the most unwise ways to start working as a script supervisor EVER, but that is a different blog post).

On the set of my first script supervising job.

With all of these opportunities, I have been extremely fortunate to be surrounded by people who support and encourage me to believe that anything is possible.

This autumn is just another example of how this belief can lead to things falling into place.

The biggest example of this is probably my latest project.

September Feature-“Hellbent on Boogie”

When I got a message from a new friend from one of my recent projects, I wasn’t sure if I was going to take on a new feature project in September. I knew I had some reshoots coming up for a project I finished in early June, my boyfriend and I’s birthdays were coming up, and I was planning on helping out a few of my other friends who needed help at their businesses. The biggest hold back, though were the reshoots.

When I mentioned it to my boyfriend though, he asked, “Why can’t you do both?”

I tried to explain that I can’t be on two sets at the same time, but he insisted that I try anyways.

So, I texted the director of the feature as well as the director of the TV show that needed reshoots. It worked! The director of the TV was kind enough to work around my new schedule since they didn’t have anything set in stone yet. I was able to text “yes” to the feature director.

Production on my next feature, “Hellbent on Boogie” starts next week!

Reshoots-“The Advocate”

“The Advocate” is a Christian TV show that I started working on back in May. It’s actually a cool project for me personally because it’s what made me finally take the leap and start focusing on my work in film. After years of saying I would do it, I was there.

On the set of “The Advocate.”

Due to unforeseen circumstances, there was a delay in reshoots over the summer. According to my director, there will be a couple of days that I am needed for reshoots. Excited to get everything finished up and ready for post-production!

Helping a Friend-Experiencing Live Sales Shows

In between my other projects, I will also be helping my friend Kira Howe as she expects her second baby boy in just a few short weeks (congrats on baby Sylas!!!). Kira currently works with Audy International which produces shows on channels such as TSC and HSN to showcase new products.

Kira and I years ago on the set of her short film “The Itch.”

This experience so far has been an interesting one. Last week, I worked on my first live show to learn about what I will be doing when Kira can’t be on set. It taught me a lot about staying organized and setting things up for the next show to save time. Plus, I got to learn about a couple of cool products that the company sells and come up with different ideas on how customers can use them.

Kira being awesome on our B-Roll shoot two weeks ago for “OrganizeMe.” She is awsome because she started steaming the bins after I burned my hand.

October Feature

In addition to a new feature next week, I also got a message from another friend last week about a project starting up in October. While I don’t have a lot of information yet about this new feature, I am excited to get started on it at the end of next month!

Being Social

Now that my website is back up and running, I will be trying to post more here on my blog as well as on my social media accounts (particularly my personal Instagram @haileybird925 and business Instagram @writemindmedia). This is where I will be posting more “everyday” posts and inspiration.

I will mostly be promoting my work and services, but I also some possible brands that I am talking to about being ambassadors for them. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on my feeds for all of that.

Me on the set of a photoshoot earlier this year. Keep an eye out for a post about modeling stuff soon.

“You Should Be Writing”

Of course, between all of the upcoming projects, I will also be working on personal projects. I will be developing a few of my personal script ideas and, hopefully, be hired to work on bringing other people’s ideas to life (more news on that when it goes through). I have also been thinking about posting more articles on Medium.com (go to my portfolio page for links to past articles).

If you would like to learn more about how I can help you develop a script, write for you or your company, edit your work, or just talk about writing, feel free to email me at haileyescobar.writer@gmail.com.

“Following the Tracks”-Taking a Step Towards Atlanta

Finally, one of the things I am MOST excited about is bringing my script “Following the Tracks” back to the competition circuit. I did this a few years ago with a couple of competitions. I was even a quarterfinalist for the Nicholl’s Fellowship, one of the most prestigious screenwriting competitions in the country.

Unfortunately, I was discouraged after the results of those competitions. Screenwriting competitions can be very expensive, but are probably one of the #1 ways to get your script noticed and find an agent. After getting no further than the quarterfinals on the script (which I have been developing for over 10 years), I was depressed about writing. I felt like none of my writing was very good or that my ideas weren’t worth being produced.

However, I have decided I’m going to give it another try with the Atlanta Film Festival’s Screenwriting Competition. Their regular due date is September 30th and I am actually excited to submit again. Fingers crossed!

Hello September

Fall is all about change. It’s about harvesting what you’ve been working hard on all year and giving thanks for what you have received.

I am so incredibly grateful for what the past year and a half has given me (yep, you read that right, I included 2020). While there has been a lot of stress and hardship the past few months, it has also been a time of incredible growth.

I have a supportive boyfriend who loves me and lives with me. I’m finally doing the work that I love and, while I am tired, I am proud that I’m one of the people that kept going. I’m starting to see success in my writing and film work. Plus, I have the support of my family and friends behind me for when things get hard.

I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m anxious and stressed. I’m happy.

It’s certainly a strange place that I find myself in as I’m about to cross into my 29th year…and I can’t wait to see what happens next.