About the Writer

About the Writer

Hailey Escobar was born and raised in Tampa, FL. In 2015, she graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts, focusing on Creative Writing and Film Studies. Since then she has worked on several independent films such as  “Paying Mr. McGetty” (2016) and developing several screenplays.

She is also the founder of Write Mind Media, a content development service and inspirational blog for entrepreneurs.


She has self-published a small book of poems,”Life Will Get Better Someday,” on her experience with depression. It is available online at http://www.blurb.com/my/book/detail/2321940#store-price.

Hailey is also passionate about understanding the world, unraveling the philosophical questions of the universe, and learning as much as she can. She believes that as a global citizen, it is her responsibility to make the world a better place.



18 Replies to “About the Writer”

  1. Hey Hailey,
    saw your link on your Mom’s page.. I am Leslie Arballo’s Sister, you might remember her back from when you were little! I LIKE your posts! I am going to have my daughter read along with you – she is also in college, starting her second year and ya know what? She sounds alot like you in the part where she is waiting for love, doesn’t DO parties or drinking. She prefers her books and finding a great “study tree” to be alone with her thoughts and do homework!
    Great job!
    Hope you enjoy your first semester at college! 🙂


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