Last night saw many tragedies, all of which I send my heart out to this morning as the world mourns the lost and recuperates in a time of adversity, change, chaos and humanity’s ability to join together to overcome such moments.
In Lebanon, Mexico and Japan, they were rocked by the physical shifting of the planet with earthquakes which triggered a small tsunami in Japan and, luckily, did not cause major injuries in either country.

Then, there was the result of more human destruction in Baghdad, Beirut and (most notably) Paris where there were shootings and bombings that caused mass casualties and panic that has shaken the world. They were caused by people who committed these crimes, saying that it is the name of their God or their country, when no God says to kill innocents or war. It is a tragedy in itself that we have come to such a time of violence once again as has happened so much in our history. With modern technology and knowledge, one would think that we would act with more wisdom, but this…..this is proof that it is not the case.

Now this brings me to here. I originally created this site to take about me and my problems, but that has always left me stumped. However, this tragedy has lead me to a realization that what I need to be writing here is the truth. Or, at least, the important news that people need to be aware of.

I realized the oversight of my generation in high school when a majority of my history class was unaware of the BP Oil Spill that was taking place off our own coast in 2010 and that we’re still seeing the effects of today. Now, I’m going to use my writing to bring these types of stories to their attention along with other stories in entertainment, politics, humanitarian efforts,and so forth. It is my only hope that I was my talent for writing to help people.


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