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A Pebble Can Cause An Avalanche

What to do? An update on my life

So, it’s been awhile since I have posted anything. Since graduating college a few years ago, I’m found myself trapped in a period of contemplation over what I’m going to do with my life. Now I’m trying to put that into play and with that I’m going to try to post on my blog a bit more.

Here are the things that you can expect to see posted soon:

  • Adventures in Dating! I just joined OKCupid…..God help me. Also, Match.com because I’m quickly seeing OKCupid go down fast. I have not had a full history of dating for someone my age and what little I have had, hasn’t been great. I hoping that being part of one of these dating sights might help me get out there. Especially since one of my sisters, Katie, gets married next year to her high school sweetheart. Will definitely keep the blog updated on that front.
  • Career experiences are coming! I’ve been applying to different and interesting jobs all over the country and the world. Trying to take what I can get to expose myself to new and interesting things.
  • Learning! Now that I’m out of school, I’m trying to teach myself new things about food, languages, people, ext.
  • Personal Philosophy! I’m always trying to learn more about myself and how I think. So, I will use this space to explore that. These posts might end up rambling, but if you like it, go ahead and read it and tell me what you think.
  • Pictures and (maybe) Video! Trying to work more on my art, hence the new snaphot section will have cool photos and videos….and maybe some wacky ones too.

Hope you all enjoy!


Love is the sky, swollen with clouds.

Some white, some gray, or black as pitch

And lined with silver streaks of age.

It may be blinding or filled with shadow

But no matter  how it looks to you

Take comfort that it shall always be

A blanket shielding you from harm

That lies in wait in the heavens.

Poem: I am the girl

11872201_10205139959242097_3757031620150543329_oI am the girl who has never known love

But whose heart reaches out to grasp

The scraps thrown aside by wayward glances

Only to recoil in fear after one too many

Burns, cuts, and bruises from those

Who broke her trust and heart

With too rough fingers. I try to

Piece it back together with tape and glue

In hopes that someone might someday

See the beauty in the broken things

Like a broken China cup whose accidental

Gaps are filled with golden seams that show

The strength in the mistakes and aftermath.

I have, for so long, hidden myself

Behind locks and glass, preserved like

An ancient jewel for show. But I am

Just beginning to realize that the

True beauty is not in the unbroken things

Or in that which is seamlessly repaired,

Rather it is in the life well lived,

With scars and freckles dotting skin like stars,

Despite all else that has attempted

To sweep the damage away with the dust

Of never,  maybe,  and might – have – been.

Even a pebble can cause an avalanche if it taps enough rocks in the right places or cause the many other pebbles to cascade down the mountain. P1000576

Writing Down the Heart

11665665_10204922074115105_5294470461673744246_nIt’s been difficult attempting to write for this blog. It began a few years ago and, if you’ve followed me this far in the past then you would know that I’m highly inconsistent and I never know what I want to focus on for my writing because I want to discuss so many things, but I don’t necessarily want to put them in the same place. Plus, I just end up talking in circles by the end of my long, ranting posts because that seems to be the way that I think.

And yet, here I am, trying again. I believe I will just use short posts from here on out. Writing long posts just leave to rambling due to the habit of matching word counts for articles and school papers. However, the longer that I am out of school, out of college, the more that I realize the freedom that I must rediscover in my writing in order to move forward once more as a writer. I only hope that this blog will help in that process with my little pebbles of wisdom and nonsense.

Then again, I believe that wisdom and nonsense are much the same thing.

Some of what I write might seem strange. Some things might even offend or embarrass people, perhaps even those I love and care about, although I hope not. However, all I hope is to come to some peace or understanding of my own mind so others may too understand it. I wish to be honest with my feelings here.

If they don’t like them, they may stop reading this blog. I don’t mind. All I ask is that they try to understand. Allow me to be me.

Thank you for that much.

© 2015 Hailey Escobar

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