Inspire Me: Home


I’m back! And that means I’m home! Trying to be more present online and sharing my ideas. In celebration of returning back to my own writing, ideas, and the oncoming storm of new posts to come with more in-depth commentary on…well, anything, here is a new inspire me photo series to enjoy.


For me, I think of a comforting, warm place where I can curl up in a big chair with a book and a cup of hot chai tea. The image of nature being woven into the home also comes to mind since Earth is, after all, our home. A musical instrument makes me think of my sisters, both of who are extremely musical, picking up multiple instruments while I buried myself in my writing. A nice bathroom makes me remember my mom when we first bought our current house, how she was adamant that she wanted a bathroom with a nice tub so she can soak to candle light. She even used to let us do it as kids and I would feel all grown up like my momma.

What do you think of when you think of home?

If you took the picture, please feel free to comment and I will be sure to attribute it to you. I don’t own any of these photos.

What I Hear: Top 25 Most Played Songs

Cesar, my friend Brittany Perkins, and I back in 2010.
  1. The Lightning Strikes (When Will the Storm End)-Snow Patrol


    OneRepublic, one of my favorite bands! (I do not own this photo)

  2. Burn-Ellie Goulding
  3. Ain’t It Fun-Paramore
  4. Dirty Paws-Of Monsters and Men
  5. Stay the Night (Feat. Hayley Williams)-Zedd
  6. Clarity (Feat. Foxes)-Zedd
  7. Come With Me Now-KONGOS
  8. American Girl-Bonnie McKee
  9. Next to Me-Emeli Sande
  10. This Love Will Be (Your Downfall)-Ellie Goulding
  11. You Make Me Feel…(Feat. Sabi)-Cobra Starship
  12. Who We Are-Imagine Dragons
  13. I Lived-OneRepublic
  14. Take Me Home (Feat. Bebe Rexha) -Cash Cash
  15. Radioactive-Imagine Dragons
  16. Run Run Run-Celeste Buckingham
  17. Human-Christina Perri
  18. Light Up The World-Glee
  19. Tonight (Feat. Ne-Yo)-Jessica Sanchez
  20. Ho Hey-The Lumineers
  21. Heroes (We Could Be) (Feat. Tove Lo)-Alesso
  22. Black Sheep-Gin Wigmore
  23. Bright Lights and Cityscapes-Sara Bareilles
  24. Talking Body-Tove Lo
  25. You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile-Sia (From the ‘Annie’ Soundtrack)


Cesar, my friend Brittany Perkins, and I back in 2010.

Cesar, my friend Brittany Perkins, and I back in 2010.

Bonus: You should all listen to my good friend Cesar De La Rosa! His album can be found on iTunes and you might also recognize him from Telemundo on Yo Soy El Artista:

Inspire Me: Say Yes to the Dress


My sisters have been watching a lot of “Say Yes to the Dress” lately….and I have found myself reflecting on my future “romantic” life since many of my friends have been getting engaged or married. One of the things I like to do sometimes is to look at the beautiful dresses or snapshots of happy couples and find myself taken to what I hope my happy day will look like. It inspires me to think positively whenever my heart feels weary. Someday, that will be me. I simply must be patient and trust my heart.


Inspire Me Series


tumblr_nc5t6zrD0V1qej2n5o1_500One of my favorite things to do is browse the many beautiful photos that are posted on Tumblr and all over the internet. Each stunning look at a moment in time inspires me as a writer and artist. If there’s something that I particularly like, then I save it in a file on my desktop titled “Inspire Me,” a file that I turn to whenever I need a spark of inspiration for my writing.

I have what has to be hundreds of these pictures, lying in wait for me to look at now and again. The thing is though, I feel like I’m not doing them justice, hiding them away in a file. So, I have decided that since I’m trying to write on my blog and make it a habit, I’m going to post these photos with little stories or explanations as to why they inspired me.

Unfortunately, I do not remember all of the artists that are responsible for these photos. I will try to go back through my Tumblr for the photos, but if I can’t find their names, I will label them as so. If you are the artist of a posted photo, please email me for credit. If you are an artist and you think you might have something that will inspire me, also email me. My site’s email is

The Writer in the Armchair


She is draped over the arms of the forest green chair, her slender legs hanging off the right and mocha locks cascading over the left. Her feet are encased in TARDIS slippers that declare her mind’s residence in the stars and time. A binder stuffed with empty sheets of paper is propped in her lap just waiting for her words to fill in the blank lines. The sweet delights of Food Network’s “King of Cones” plays out in front of her perch, feeding her sweet tooth’s cravings.


Be still.

Be quiet.

The writer is at work.

Keep a weathered eye for new worlds and characters coming soon.

…..Then the only Emmy’s came on and everything was forgotten until tomorrow.

Thanks for the Laughs: RIP Robin Williams

Okay, I’m already crying about this wonderful actor who has left us today. Here’s what I love about Robin Williams. He wasn’t some genius or revolutionary, someone who in inspired us with great big achievements and things. He made us laugh. He made us smile in the darkest of times even when we had his own shadows to fight, as we know. He came into our homes and became family through his films, giving so much of himself to each performance. And it is because of this that the world mourns him so much. And now, because I believe he wouldn’t want all of to be sobbing our eyes out, a little one of my favorites to hopefully bring a smile to your faces. Thanks for everything Robin Williams. We will miss you dearly and, you were right, we ain’t never had a friend like you.

“You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me”

Without My Purpose, The World Would Be An Empty Lie

An essay I just recently submitted to for a competition. The grand prize is money for books which I will use for my senior year at Eckerd. The theme was about how your purpose effects your life. Lucky for me, I believe I turned it in just as the competition reached it’s limit. However, the short essay I wrote spoke so much truth about who I am that I felt I should share it especially since I have a) been extremely lacking on new content, something I hope to improve on and b) because I enjoyed what I wrote here and felt I should share. Hope you enjoy and wish me luck! 


In the opening of her novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s character Robert Walton writes to his sister about embarking on his dream expedition to the Northern Pacific. He states, “I feel my heart glow with an enthusiasm which elevates me to heaven; for nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose-a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”

Upon reading this passage, it spoke to me on a level that rivaled the inspiration of Shelly herself. A woman before her time, she was the inventor of science fiction and it began as nothing more than a competition to see who could tell a better ghost story.

As a writer myself whose many stories seem to revolve around the supernatural and science fiction, I know that I would not have a future without women like Shelley or Anne Rice or Jane Austen or JK Rowling or even film directors such as Kathryn Bigelow, the only woman to win an Oscar for Best Director in it’s 86 year history.

These women have followed their purpose in life, to tell stories of such power that not even those who question their abilities due to their gender could muffle their explosive force.

I was exceedingly lucky to discover my own purpose of story telling at a young age. I had an inkling of my path in elementary when I prided myself in using the word “scrumptious” to describe a cookie.  However, it wasn’t until I was in high school, in love with theater and film that I realized just how much of an impact stories and words made in my life.

This revelation came in the form of another quote, one that came from the Noble Prized Writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In my sophomore English class, we had been studying one of Solzhenitsyn’s works about the power of words. In it, he stated, “One word of truth outweighs the world.”

As the rest of my classmates scratched their heads trying to figure out what he could mean by that statement, to me it made perfect sense. “Of course one word of truth could hold such power,” I thought. “It has happened so many times before and continues to happen today. It destroyed and built nations, religions, and lives. How come none of you understand that?”

That was the moment that I knew I was unquestionably a writer and one that knew of the power that she has with her words. Ever since I learned those words, I have allowed it to guide me on my purpose to tell stories and spread new ideas through out the world with the power of my words.

In all honesty, I’m not sure what my life would be like without this purpose. All I know is this: without my gift of understanding the power of the written word, the rest of the world would seem like nothing more than an empty lie or Shelley’s cold corpse of a monstrosity.